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Trip Report - Day 3 - 06/16/2017
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Day 3 -- 06/16/2017

Good evening from Mont Vernon. I trust that all is as well in your world as it is in ours. First let me apologize for not posting on Friday the the 16th. By the time I got around to working on the post I realized that I was to tired to think straight enough to string two words together and have them make any semblance of sense.

Funny that a day spent on the beach doing absolutely nothing more strenuous than getting out of a lounge chair can make you so tired -- but it did!

I attribute this to a strange phenomenon that has been sporadically reported on over the past few years; Most often by people, that for most of the year, are far removed from the three primary indigents that make it up: Ocean, sunshine, and sand.

This phenomenon has a name -- no really it does. It is called ďSand GravityĒ. So how do I know about Sand Gravity? Iíve experienced it first-hand -- repeatedly!

So, how does this mysterious thing manifest itself?

Itís insidious, it slowly creeps up on you, silently much like a cat stalking its prey. In most cases you wonít even know that you are in its presence, until you are hopelessly entangled by it and are sliding deep into the gravity well.

Anyway after years of research into this phenomenon, and being held, captive by it for days at time, Iíve come to recognize it.

It starts when you first see all of its primary components together for the first time after a year or more of not seeing a beach. That slightly tingly feeling you get when you see it again, or for the first time. This is a sure sign that Sand Gravity is about. The slight tug you feel, while looking at the ocean, is the first inkling that Sand Gravity is here, and itís stalking you.

The warmth on your face, the breeze in your hair, and scent of salt-air, is another surefire sign that Sand Gravity is present, and working hard to get you to succumb to it. Again, these signs are subtle, and if you are not careful you will miss them completely.

The effects of Sand Gravity are felt like weak ghostly fingers tugging at you. You can feel it, but you're not quit sure what it is. The full affect of this phenomenon will not be realized until much later but it is present, and it is working on you, and you are slipping into its grasp.

The next sure sign that Sand Gravity is working hard to pull you in is when you are sitting on the beach listening to the crashing of the surf. There you just sitting there, minding your own business, without a care in the world. The sun is hot on your skin, and the coastal breeze is gently blowing, and messing your hair. There is the smell of salt in the air, and the sounds of the gulls as they soar overhead. In the far distance you can hear people playing along the edge of the water.

You are vaguely aware that there are other people here, but for the most part itís just you and sun, and the surf, and the wind, and the salt-air, and the gulls, andÖ Suddenly you are startled out of your silent reverie by your spouse demanding your attention to some one trivial thing, or another.

Wow! Donít be angry or short with them they just rescued you from a full on assault of Sand Gravity. You were slowly and surely falling deep into the gravity well when they reached out to you. See I told you Sand Gravity is insidious. You must be on constant guard against its affects on you.

By now you might think this story is over, but itís not! Sand Gravity is not only insidious, it is prestiant. Once it sets its eyes on you it will never give up until you leave its vicinity, or it has drawn you in.

You know that feeling you get when you look at your watch, it is suddenly two hours later than the last time you looked, even though you would swear it had just been a few minutes? Yep, thatís Sand Gravity.

How about when you look around and see that youíve accumulated quite a collection of empty beer bottles? Funny, back home you rarely drink any form of alcohol. Yep, Thatís Sand Gravity.

But the most telling sign that you have been in a battle with Sand Gravity all day, is when you get back to your room, or home, or wherever, and you realize that you have not done anything all day but sit in a chair on the beach and commune with nature, and yet you are so tired and sleepy. That is the ultimate clue that you have been engaged in a battle with Sand Gravity and you lost.

Now I donít know about you, but this one battle I never mind losing.

Best wishes, and Iíll be continuing the never ending battle against Sand Gravity at a beach near you... Join me wonít you!

So for now, Good Night from Mont Vernon.

Dave & Diana

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