The excellent trip reports and pictures from Carl, Dave and Ray really give a great description of a fantastic vacation on Sint Maartin/St. Martin. I would like to add a little about the sports that are available on the island if one can overcome sand gravity! <br><br>Running/Triathlon Training/Races<br>Three times a week there are group runs on the island. It is good to check with the people at TriSport about current times and meeting place. TriSport is located near the bridge, by Ricís on the way from the airport to the Pelican area.<br>The most popular run is the long Sunday run. It starts at 6:30 AM near the Pelican and runs the road through the lowlands to Marigot and finishes at Zee Best for an excellent breakfast cool-down. This run is 15K (9.3 miles) and one water stop is available about half way. There is usually an associated 5K run that begins in the lowlands and runs on the dirt roads near La Samanna. Participants in the short run meet at the start of the long run and ride in TriSportís truck to the water stop where they begin running. The truck then will go to Marigot for breakfast and to bring the runners back to the Pelican after breakfast. Bring money for breakfast!<br><br>Wednesday is another group running day, usually starting about 5:00 PM at the sports complex near the hospital on the Dutch side. This run is about 4 or 5 miles and the course varies every week. Sometimes the run goes through a hotel, along a beach, over steep hills or into Philipsburg. You get to enjoy portions of the island few tourists ever see.<br><br>Friday is the Maho run. This is about a 4 mile run that begins around 4:30 PM in Maho. The run is along, over and through the golf course. <br><br>All of the runs are training runs and not races. Check with TriSport for the latest times and information.<br><br>There are also bike rides and swimming workouts (in the sea of course) for those into triathlons. Again, check with TriSports for meeting times and places.<br><br>If you are really fortunate there will be a running race or triathlon when you are on the island. These races occur about once every month and replace the Sunday long run. There was a triathlon on Sunday, Dec. 2nd when we were down there. Awards and medals are plentiful, as are the unique t-shirts that you will treasure from your trip to SXM.<br><br>Kayaking<br>We took a kayak tour of the lagoon that was available through TriSport. We started from Port de Plaisance and did a leisurely paddle clockwise around the lagoon. There was a stop about half way at Snoopy Dog Island for refreshments. This is a nice leisurely trip that lasts about 2 hours. This is a bit different compared with the more elegant sunset cruise of the lagoon!<br><br>There are also more experienced kayak trips that can be arranged. Every now and then a hardy group gets together and paddles around the entire island. This is quite a challenge and it is rarely done. However it is a spectacular way to see SXM from a very different perspective!<br><br>Hiking/Trail Running<br>Believe it or not, there are some really nice hikes and trail runs on SXM. A new book called Hiking Trails of Sint Maarten (available at the Museum in Philipsburg) gives excellent descriptions of the available trails on the island. Most of the trails offer breathtaking views of the sea and neighboring islands.<br><br>For those staying near Orient Beach/Grand Case a good trail is close by. The trail goes around the north side of the island from near French Cul-de-Sac and ends at Anse Marcel.<br><br>Another easy hike/run begins on the old road into Grand Case across from the Grand Case airport. A newly built dirt road goes up the hills on the north side of the road. The road is gated and closed so no cars will bother you. You crest the road and then hike further up with an excellent view of Anguilla and the north coast.<br><br>These are just a few more suggestions for enjoying your vacation on Sint Maarten/St. Martin!<br><br>Steve and Maria<br>Expecting lots of snow tonight in colorful Colorado!<br><br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Administrator on 1/4/02 12:58 PM.</EM></FONT></P>