Another interesting story - on Friday we woke up to find zero water in the villa. The instructions simply said to call the water delivery guy which I did but got a number not working recording. When I called the local contact person (the owner was vacationing off island) he said he wanted to look at the system before calling for a delivery. So after a few calls before and during our beach day we finally met up with him after Guana Bay. It turned out to be something with the pump that he couldn't explain but he was able reset it and get the water flowing. I was glad that a truck didn't have to come up the hill unnecessarily.

As we were under the house I told him the story of my last visit when we rented in Terres Basses and came home at the end of a beach day (probably to Orient) and I heard rushing water from the driveway. I ran to investigate and found the pool was half empty (or half full if I was being optimistic) and I could see water running down the hill. I ran to the caretakers cottage and he was luckily home and I told him what was happening. We both sprinted back down to the house and we went underneath and he managed to shut the pipe before the joint to stop the water. We had lost 3/4 of the water at that point. He fixed the joint and ordered a new water delivery (2 truckloads) the next day.

When I told the Oyster Bay guy the story and got to the part about finding the half full pool and rushing water his eyes got real big and I could imagine what he was thinking about having to encounter such a problem compared to just no running water.

BTW the caretaker in Terres Basses worked at the watersports center at La Samana and was a great guy. And the guy at Oyster Pond was great too. St. Martin truly is the friendly island. <img src="" alt="" />