I went on a power walk earlier this week and ended up in Cupecoy. I have always hated the Blue Mall thinking it looks more like a Blue Elephant that has absolutely ruined the rugged beauty of the Cupecoy area. Just my opinion...

I popped into one of the starving merchants/businesses still open in the Mall and asked how I could get inside. I was told that the Hilton has bought the structure and will now turn it into a hotel. This has also been mentioned in another forum but I hadn't seen it on TTOL so I thought I would post.

The fellow in the shop told me it will take up to a year to convert it but he thinks it could take much longer. He also said the Residences on top of the Mall are "safe". As I went outside and looked at the exterior I realized what a massive renovation it will be because there is so much stone work on the facing of the structure and they're going to have to create windows and balconies for their hotel rooms.

Anyone else heard about the Hilton acquisition and what they plan on doing?