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We are getting a bit confused when we use the term Orient Beach, as I understand it Orient Beach stretches from Papagao all the way to the old Mt Vernon resort, it is divided roughly at the old Pedro's location into two distinct sections, the Club O portion is clothing optional and the other section is topless optional. People using the facilities and beach in the clothing optional section should expect to see some nude while people in the topless optional section should expect not to see nude. Unfortunately at this point the only section with some amenities is the clothing optional section.

All the beautiful beaches to choose from in SXM, if someone has an issue with "exposure", they need only make another selection.

I don’t want to start a war, but you seem to imply that if you are not into clothing optional, you should find another beach.

Orient Beach is a beautiful beach. Normally calm waters with a gradual slope and generally safe. We are not into clothing optional and have enjoyed Orient from time to time. Yes there are many beaches to choose from but why should we be forced to another because you are.

Separate areas means all can enjoy.

Rick and Grace