You will enjoy Penn’s Landing a great deal. Friday night has been what they refer to as Pub Night at Red Rocks, the restaurant there at the marina. I love the whole setting, we keep our boat there at Penn’s so I am a bit spoiled. The folks at Penn’s have done a fantastic job of getting things in great shape. The docks have been rebuilt better than they were prior to Irma. The food at Red Rocks is some of the best on Tortola. You also have the advantage of Riteway being very close by and you can dinghy right up to the Riteway. The entrance is well marked as you approach. There are plenty of Mooring balls and I would think if you call ahead you can get a slip. A huge benefit is that if you are meeting folks arriving via Beef Island you are right there. I almost hate to post this as Penn’s is a hidden gem and I think is often overlooked.