I will add my experience. (to this older thread) Been to Jamaica twice since Irma. Nov 2017 short wait on arrival (Tuesday) Departure on a Sat or Sun - Long long long line. Line went fast and security was fast and great. Maybe an hour wait. Mobay people had little to no wait.
Trip in end of June Arrival on a Friday - wait was long. perhaps almost an hour. and VERY warm/ hot. I watched the Mobay people pass through with no to little wait. At this point I was thinking MoBay was worth every penny. Departed on Thursday (July 5) Line was much shorter and wait was minimal to get through security.

So my thoughts are - do the MoBay thing if you're travelling the on the busiest days - Friday, Sat & Sun. The other days you might roll the dice unless you're anxious to get though as quick as possible. Perhaps there is a place where you can see when all the flights arrive to find out if you're arriving in the middle of the rush, etc...

My other advice: Book a private shuttle/car. The group mass shuttle stinks. We waited over an hour to fill up every single stupid seat. Search/google and trip advisor helped me find a reasonably priced taxi.