Just back from a brief cruise visit stop over and wanted to share a few impressions

(1) the new Bikini beach is gorgeous - staff wonderful - just beautiful all the way around.

(2) food and drinks at the Perch Lite are as good as ever - best burger in a long time - freshly prepared - delicious rum punch!

(3) Club O is decimated - gone - it is sad - enjoy the beach but look at the water unless you want to be depressed...

(4) Orient village is coming back - Petit Casino is open as is Yellow Sub -

but most importantly wanted to share that if you are wealthy enough to afford a cruise, you have enough to spend 15 bucks on a chair - group of four from a cruise ship - two paid happily for chairs - one paid but bitched mercilessly and harrangued the beach server without end about why his chairs were so expensive - one heard how 'expensive' the chairs were and opted out of paying for a chair, instead placing her towel just in front of said chair so that it could not be rented to anyone else - by the end of the day, she was putting her bags and stuff on the chair - sitting on the edge (as if that wasn't using the chair) - I kept trying to snag her cruiseline towel from her so that she'd get charged for it back on the boat but could never manage it. It was just obnoxious behavior - and downright thoughtless when you consider that these folks lost everything just over a year ago - Ugly Americans, to be sure..