Petit Plague can be entered through Grand Case Beach Club if you plan to eat or drink there. Free loungers if you do. If you don't plan to utilize GCBC park where you can find space on the road then just past the Beach Club on water side is a small path to the beach.

If you don't know where GC Beach Club is, drive from Orient, thru round -a - bout at Cul de Sac then stay right going past Grand Case airport (on your left) to road's end. Street curves left into Grand Case Village. It does also go right but difficult to see the turn. Take the right. Short distance in on the left is the exit gate of Grand Case Beach Club. Drive a little further to entrance gate (left) press button tell them you're going to their restraint Sunset Cafe and they'll buzz you in. Read parking signs then park. Beach is at right just after the Cafe. At left is private in front of their units.