Day 17 - Wonderful day in paradise started with croissants while watching boats start their races. Then it was off to Art In The Park. A variety of crafts and food. One table was our friend, Cinda Fyre. She was selling some her homemade Chutney’s as well as some of her art work. Such a talented lady.
Also there was a table from Wastefactory Sint Maarten. ( They were displaying some of the gifts/items they had made from recycled paper, plastic, cans, and glass. We bought a pair of earings with matching pendant. Also got to see and talk to Ruby Bute. Back on our October trip I had stopped to leave her a “SXM Strong” plate. She wasn’t home at the time and I had left it just outside her door.She was so happy to finally find out who left the gift for her. Lunch today was at Mark’s Place. Being so close to croissants we weren’t real hungry so we only shared a “snack” order, but that was perfect. Dinner tonight was at Palapa Grill. Carpaccio($12.) for me, a Caesar Salad($12) for Betty. Came with their fresh bread and herb butter. Ended with a dish of their Lemongrass Creme Brulee($8.) Has become our second favorite on Island. A little casino time on then way home left Norm a small winner, Betty even,…so a good night and a wonderful day.


Next SXM visit - January/February 2021