When we were in Antigua last March, one of the resort workers told us the Sargassom seaweed had been so bad the year before, they actually closed the resort. Both of our beaches, even the more protected cove beach, were inundated and unusable. At first they were bussing guests to other beaches but even that became problematic so they finally threw in the towel and closed temporarily. Both beaches at our resort were perfect when we were there.

I don’t think there’s much anyone can do about the Sargassum beyond being patient. Raking and removing it helps but is expensive and labor intensive. Years ago we had never really experienced this on SXM but for the past five or six years it’s been almost a normal occurrence at different times and in different locations on the island.

We typically visit SXM in March/April and/or Nov./December and while it hasn’t been as bad as it was described to us on Antigua, it has been less than pleasant on more than one trip. But the good news on SXM, if the Sargassum is prevalent on one beach you can usually find one In the opposite direction that is good. We’ve almost never seen it on Mullet but the first tie we stayed on Simpson Bay Beach it was bad. The first year we stayed at BSV it was there and by the time they raked from one end of ‘their’ beach to the other, it was time to go back and start all over again. But it was never as bad there as what we saw on Orient Beach.



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