Copied with permission from Yvonne Mendenhall who is on island for people interested in progress.

"Right now, photos cannot catch the here's little information from our "unofficial on-site sidewalk viewing."

Flamingo and Royal Palm are buzzing--with the sounds of jackhammers, saws and tools. On our walks by Building 7 and 3 at Flamingo we can see and hear the activity. Building 4 and 6 are fairly well sealed already. Building 3 workers are working on the glass sliders installation--over half of the frames we can see are in place, so we should see the big sliders moved over and installs starting any day. Weather has been on "our side" so the work can progress. We check Royal Palm every time we are out that way. We can't get close or even stop (except when we lunch at the SXM Yacht Club), but there is a lot of action and concurrent with Flamingo buildings, it's getting sealed up--windows and doors.

Around the area, we see the (very polite) workers who are housed at Flamingo when they have some time off and we see the bus that transports them between the two resorts. Next time I check in with Mervin, I'll ask about any changes in numbers--they were processing more workers a few weeks ago as they get into the considerable detail work on the interiors."