Friars bay sailing club what fun children 6 to maybe 10 sailing!!
The picture of the rock at the left if you look closely it looks like a small statue but it’s a frigate drying his wings in the breeze.
The white Bordeaux wine is a bit sweet but really smooth for sipping with cheese & baguette
The hills & flowers are not brown in st Martin. Plenty of rain & wind but no snow or wind chill. We keep busy driving around. No issues. Glad we have enough time so the rainy windy stuff hasn’t hindered us.
La main a la pate had excellent special today cod fritters, salmon fillet with rice, a few veggies & panna cotta with baguette for 19 euros.
No photo. Hungry at 2. Very busy so happy to see.
Lovely birthday party for a friend from Brittany France who is 81.
To be continued.

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