We just tried to drive by Mullet Beach Easter Monday afternoon. If you are ever on the island on Easter Sunday or Monday ( also a holiday here), do not try to drive the road from Maho to Cupecoy! Going to the beach on the Easter holiday weekend is a favorite pastime for locals on SXM. They park everywhere, literally everywhere! The road is lined with big boulders to keep cars off the "golf course", but somehow they find ways to get around the trees and boulders and park on the side of the "fairways". Mostly, they park along the side of the road, despite the boulders - which makes the road even narrower than usual. It took us 45 minutes to get from the Starz casino to Maho. We passed a large construction truck going the other way, as well as a tour bus( "good luck!"). What a mess! Word to the wise , do not try to drive this road on these holiday days. If you want to go to the beach, walk, you will get there faster. Some folks camped out on the beach all day yesterday, ,last night, and today, according to the local people we talked to today.