We are going to be taking a river cruise this fall. Since we are a group of 69 (me), 74, 77, and 80 year olds we probably will not be traveling to Europe again. The flights are just getting too stressful.

Since this will probably be our last chance to have French food in a French restaurant in France, there are some ports where we would like to eat some meals off the ship.

We would like to find restaurants with prix fixe menus or le menu, possibly with several different levels. However, prix fixe is not a requirement. We don't mind spending for our meals but certainly don't want to do any $200 pp meals either.

Here are the ports and the meal:

1. Chalon-sur-Soane--Lunch
2. Lyon--Lunch or Dinner
3. Aix en Provence--Lunch
4. Marseille--2-3 Lunches, 2 Dinners

All suggestions are appreciated.

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