Had a baguette in room for breakfast. We decided to go to Philipsburg. My wife needed her earrings adjusted (being too tight ) at DK Gems. Met our friend Raj who got the earrings adjusted and cleaned my wife’s rings which they do every year. Tried to make dinner plans with his family but his son has a lot of exams this week. Did some shopping for grand kids and some non-Cuban ( good Dominican)Cigars for one of my sons. Cubans are verboten since 2020 in US. Went to Blue Bitch for a drink. For some dumb reason I always wanted to go there. They were good $8 a piece. Got the repaired jewelry. G and T on patio. Went to Fat Tony’s for steak night. Got there before 7. It got packed after that. Price has gone up from $20 to $23 but fgood tasting as always. Also, a fun place.