Just landed off JetBlues 12:24 departure today on Saturday.

Arrived at PJIA @0930 for a 12:24 flight.

Kiosks and security were empty and an absolute breeze to get through.

Having flown out of TLV, CDG, YUL, LGA and now SXM this past 8 months, we have to say that SXM and LGA have come a REAL long way in a year.

And as I did my usual back and forth walking in the terminal, I saw that the newest Duty Free, just to the right when you get past security, was being stocked.

It opened today around 10:15. I was the 2nd customer inside. Prices and signs were still coming up.

So it’s progressing! And it’s a VERY pleasant space. Both LGA and SXM have raised the bar as far as the ambiance.

First time using the Mint product, very good use of space.

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