Hello all just back from one week at the Ocean Palms and Haulover Beach.First the hotel.Ocean Palms is right on the beach and a short walk to the nude section of beach.Our room was clean and redone not to long ago but was on the small side.It had a two burner hot plate wich we never used a small fridge wich was very handy for water and beer storage.Plus a microwave oven.Parking was a nightmare as there is very little room to park.You could always find a spot but parking on the sides of the hotel was a chore and you could get blocked in.The beds were not new and hard as a rock but after being in the sun all day sleeping was not a problem.Out back was a heated pool that was nice after supper to swim around in.There was seating around the pool that was under cover from the sun.This area was nice to sit and meet people later at night.The week we were there was mostly Canadians who were very nice and great to talk to.One last thing is that I heard Dick has sold the Ocean Palms and it will probably be gone in a year or two.The beach is a great beach the sand was a little harder on the feet than Orient as it has more of a coral feel to it.First there are a lot of gays at Haulover and they are in the first section you come to from the motel about from the fence to the first lifegaurd shack.Then in the next section you find a mix of couples and swingers up to the pink colored lifegaurd shack.The rest of the beach was mostly couples and a few singles.None of this posed any problems a few gockers here and there but not to many.There were a few sexual things that happened but I would put them on the mild side of what could happen when you get 5000 nude people together in one spot.The funny thing is the rest of the beach outside the nude beach is almost deserted and has no bathrooms,trash cans,food venders or lifegaurds! My hat goes off (I guess all my clothes go off)to the florida nude beach [censored]. for the work they have done this is a great beach and I heard they got it passed to make it larger toward the southbeach end.There is much to do in this area.We went to Southbeach very crowded with spring breakers and very expensive but good for a day at a different area.Went to the Miami Zoo wich was great a nice selection of animals and a easy lay out well worth the 11 dollars it cost.Our favorite trip was to Coopertown airboat rides.This was a blast the tour guide was a show by him self very funny and original.We saw 10 gators 8 four footers one wich came right up to the boat and two 10 footers! I was amazed how much my wife liked the ride she is still talking about it.Our other jaunt was to Key West on St. Pattys day.Left at 6 in the morning for the four hour drive.Stopped to see a friend on Big Pine Key and saw about 10 of the little key deer.They are very tame and came right up to us!Key west is a nice ride but the town was not my cup of tea(I am not a shopper)It reminded me of Phillipsburg alot.Shops bars lots of people.But the sunset at Mallory square is not to be missed they have performers and the sunset is now my computer background picture.In closing this area has major traffic from the motel to eating to just getting around.But this was a great vacation and cost me about half of Saint Martin.So if you want a nude beach here in the U.S. at a resonable rate give Haulover a try.If there any questions I did not address fire away and I will do my best to answer them.