Good Morning from sunny St. Martin.

The sun woke us for day 2 and we meandered next door to Papagayo's for breakfast. We both had the Western Omelette which was quite acceptable. It was good to note that you can not only charge things to your room now at Papagayos, the Perch and Le Orientique but that you can also add tip to the charge slip so you no longer have to carry cash for tipping.

We wandered down to the Perch for happy hour and then to Baywatch for lunch for the obligatory hug and kiss from Cheryl. The lunch meals were so filling that we skipped dnner, though I did make a run to Tap5 FOR chocolate eclairs at the behest of her chocolateness. When I returned, the security gate at the end of Orient Village was closed so I had to drive around via the main road.

We met lots of old friends and acquainenancs on the beach yesterday including many of the July 4th crowd.

We got a nice note from Jim Ruos and thanked him again for helping with our accomodations at Club O and especially the request for unit 41. We know that 40 and 41 are popular units and have been lucky to get 41 two years in a row.

We went to bed early and still slept well into the morning, ate some french bread with guavaberry jam for breakfast and now it's time to head for the beach. Yesterday, we found that our chairs had been moved from the front row to the back when we got to them. Fortunately another couple in the front row was just leaving the island so we took their position. We hope today is not similar!

Hope you are all having a great day!

Larry and Gretchen