JoeD1949 said:
Cathyg said:

We say this often….if there was no Club Orient….we would not go to SXM….that’s how important it Is to us.

Almost prophetic isn't it? Let me tell you...I would give anything to have it back...just the way it was.

You're not alone. We discovered Club O late in life. I was 65 the first time we went and in our minds had contingency plans in case we arrived and didn't like it at all. We booked a week and we were hooked. We were both still working and had to wait a year until we could return. Over the years each trip got longer until we were up to a full month in a mini-suite deluxe. Last year, we booked our November trip as we were checking out. Our biggest worry was the condition of the beach. Now I fear Irma dealt a death blow to our favorite place on earth.

I'm a bit jealous of those who don't go to Club O and really love St. Martin, but if Club O isn't rebuilt, we won't go back.

To us...Club O is the draw...

We have been to 12 Caribbean Islands...They have all been gracious...and we have enjoyed our visits to each one.
But we have been to SXM 15 times...the first time we stayed at St Tropez and every trip since at club orient.

If club Orient were located on a different Island....we would go to that island. It happens to be on SXM.

That is not to say that we don't love SXM on its own merit because we certainly do. We love that we can drive...we love that we can choose between hundreds of restaurants for dinner. We love that we feel safe. We love that SXM has a very European feel....and we always stay two weeks and it is never enough.

we also love Jamaica and have been there 20 times...but we stay at an all inclusive resort which we never leave and we stay only one week which is enough to usually eat at the restaurants on property once or twice...and while we gain weight...the food is never spectacular.

It is a different vacation...it is not SXM and it is not CLub Orient. We have cancelled our upcoming April trip to club o...and we have rebooked to Jamaica.

It will be a lovely trip...just like it always is. But it wont be CLub O.