At the end of November 8 of us + 1 unsuspecting captain ( yet to be named by the charter company ) are headed out for a 7 night + one sleep aboard from Tortola on a 52 ft Catamaran. We're all coming over from STT by ferry ( not that that matters, but maybe it does). My question....what are all of the taxes/fees going to amount to? I have asked our charter contact person and she says $8.00/per person, per day. When I Google it, I come up with a far higher number. I would like to include: cruising tax, National Park fees, VISAR donation, etc, etc, etc . I believe there is also a departure tax of $20/per person at the ferry when we leave.? I really appreciate any recent information so I can let my group know. We fully understand that the fees can change at a moment's notice smile