OK, I will be the drunk knowitallandmore from the end of the beach bar. Good news and bad news. Good news. Its not your fault. Bad news. Not much you can do about it.

This is most likely do to video/stream latency. Rarely when you watch a streams like these are you watching them in real time. It takes time/computing power to capture the image, encode it for the internet, stream it, route it over the intergoogle, and display on your desktop. In short, there are many links in the chain to get it your desktop and the quality of the stream is dictated by the weakest link & number of users watching.

Latency (delay) is a fact of life. Is real time synched video possible? Yes, but it is expensive and requires specialized equipment. Most basic PTZ camera just take the stream and dump it our on the internet and will only support a limited number of Unicast streams (Viewers). So while one camera looks real time and while another is minutes behind is due to the capability of the camera, links in the chain, and number of users looking at the camera stream...blah blah blah

I work for a video streaming equipment manufacturer..so I could go on for ages ...(while my wife smiles politely trying to get me to shut up). But, I hope this helps/answers your question

PS Just this last eek I helped a neighbor with a similar video issues in his home entertainment set up. My wife helped out. We sat in front of the neighbor try to solve the problem. For 30 seconds we discussed, ports, protocols, cables, and various goes-in-tas. Neighbor just look at me... "Do people really talk like that?" Yes. Yes we do.

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