Our family has been on a 4 day charter and we are about to leave for an 8 day charter. We have children 9, 11, & 12 and we have a captain. We would like to spend more time hiking & activities. Our itinerary is below and we would like to get some feedback on slip vs. mooring. We moored last time and are thinking of using a slip more this time. Our kids are usually tired towards the end of the day and we believe there are some advantages of using a slip (we can still enjoy a dinner and get back quicker. I am specifically looking for downsides or bad experiences using slip?

Sunday - sleep aboard Road Town
Monday - Waterlemon Cay St Johns moor
Tuesday - Salt Pond Bay St. Johns moor
Wednesday - Peter Island (slip
Thursday - BEYC (slip)
Friday - Leverick Bay in the afternoon, jeep rental, party & pig roast - slip
Saturday - Drive to Baths in AM, lunch, explore Virgin Gorda, return car, (stay over night) (slip or moor?)
Sunday - Norman Island, Indians, caves (moor)
Monday - Home