Bit of a trip report - short – Left Toronto on August 8th and arrived back in Toronto on August 20th - all quiet on Virgin Gorda.


Flew US Air but they moved four of our party to a Toronto to Charlotte flight rather than Toronto to Philly which was then late arriving due to mechanical problems. Air Sunshine – Natalie not very helpful at all – The two people in our party who were left on the Philly flight were late arriving by 45 minutes and even though we went and retrieved them from the arrival gate and brought them down to 31A Natalie would not take them on the 2:30 (left at 3:15) flight to VG. Air Sunshine clearly overbooked the 2:30 and 5:00 flights by one person as both of them could not get on the 5:00 (they moved two 5:00 people to the 2:30) – the result was they had to pay an extra 179/each to fly to Beef on Cape Air and then take the North Sound express over to arrive at 8:30 PM – made for a very long day for them considering we got to Pearson at 4:00 AM. Cape Air staff are excited at the possibility of flying direct into VG starting late this year.

Weather: One hour of rain one morning otherwise perfect seas and clear skies – not much in the way of jellies though we did hear that one person had a nasty experience at the Baths while we were on island. I love August as a time of year to go to VG.

We ate at the following restaurants:

Fischer’s Cove -good all around food and good service - quite reasonable;
Bath and Turtle/Rendezvous - super food as usual and nice seeing Edith and Rose again
Sugar Mill at Nail Bay - very nice setting and good food as well (had to come the long way around as construction on the road had it closed just past Mahoe Bay (more about that later)
Mine Shaft – Three times – unbeatable ribs for all you can eat Tuesday’s and all other meal choices great –
Olde Yard Village Café – Twice – great pasta Alfredo – guests couldn’t stop raving about it
Rock Café – Twice – can’t beat the lobster/seafood pasta
Anything Goes – nice rotis
Top of the Baths – Twice – conch fritters were not on the menu this time around but everything else was great – can’t beat the views
Mad Dog’s – sandwiches and beer Yummy
Willie T’s – reasonable food but it’s a floating ship so what can you expect – beer was cold and plentiful.
Leverick Upstairs for lunch (good food and great mojitos);
And last but certainly not least Fat Virgin – some of the best food on the island for the least cost.


The road from near pond bay to Nail Bay (the Y turnoff on the way to Leverick going north) is expected to be paved in the next several months – the way the construction crew was going at it, I think sooner (depends on the weather).

The new two bedroom house at Mahoe (Blue Lagoon) is nearing completion – they got the roof finished while we were there – not too noisy

Side Trips:

Rented a boston whaler on the 12th and scooted from Leverick to Soggy Dollar on JVD to Willie T’s and back – cost about $600 all in including fuel - a definite bargain if you have 8 -10 people and want the freedom of going where you want.

Anegada – Tried to do Dive BVI’s trip twice but sea states were too rough to go – so back on the list for another try in a few months.