We went to the dock at Oil Nut Bay this year and have spent many afternoons anchored off the backside of Prickly Pear. The channel to the dock at Oil Nut is marked to the right after you pass Saba Rock. We made lunch reservations a few days ahead of time and then radioed the resort as we got close on the day of arrival. They have dock hands that find a spot for you and catch lines. Then they take you to and from the resort. They also email you a chart to the dock when they confirm your lunch reservations.

We have anchored off the backside of Prickly Pear by going in both ways. Either from The SABA BEYC channel and then going left while the sun is high and you can see the coral heads or going between Eustatia and Prickly Pear when coming in from Anegada or the Francis Drake Channel. My wife finds a day on the beach there with only 1 or 2 boats around to be the highlight of her trip.

I have a Navionics screenshot of this years tracks in and out if you want to PM me.