Many years ago!!! We were on mullet beach, but the far side away from crowd. My husband took a walk, and I was just laying in the sand on my stomach. I all of a sudden looked up and two guys where approaching me. I stood up and pretended to be calling my husband out loud and I mean loud... they started to walk back and away, but had I not done that who knows... Now we never go where its secluded no matter how nice it is. by the way they took off on motor bikes... yup they were headed to me, and not for my noise who knows... Ok well. Your surroundings are all important, and for those that think you can go and come any time of day without thought?? think again. We now are very careful at night, and never go out to isolated places. We try to stay local to where we are staying, and have changed life style alot over the years... thats the way it is. And by the way??? Major hurricane, expect crime.. just the way it is. we know, we lived through luis and the small ones after and now irma... too be expected... my nine cents