I've previously posted on some of your earlier threads, but I'll say it again in case you missed them.

I don't do detailed itineraries so I'll simply give you my opinion of the highlights in that area.

First off, Deshaies on the north west coast of Guadeloupe. Great anchorage, beautiful little town that is the setting for the BBC television series, Death in Paradise. Fortunately there are no where near as many murders there as the BBC would have you believe. Very safe place.

Then down to the south of Guadeloupe to the Isles des Saintes. My favourite place in all the Caribbean. To me it feels like the best bits of the South of France but with better weather.

Then down to Portsmouth at the northern end of Dominica. Anchor off the Purple Turtle and make friends with a boat boy. They are very important on Dominica as there is a fair bit of poverty and associated higher levels of crime. Sign up with a boat boy who'll organise you tours up the river to the site of a movie (the name of which escapes me right now) and will also arrange security for your boat. I can't give a specific name of a boat boy as it is a few years since I've been there and things change. Don't let my warnings about security put you off. Dominica is like most places, mainly safe, but it is only sensible to take precautions.

From Dominica, you have to go to Montserrat as long as your charter company allow it. Wonderful place with quite incredible sights around the volcano. Make sure you approach round the northern side of the island as it really is unpleasant going round the south is there is any volcanic action. I did it once and the sulphur was so strong we had to switch the engines on go into the cabin and fire up the air con. Just impossible to remain on deck.Then we had to spend hours washing down the boat once we were through and anchored.

There are plenty of other good places to go but the above are the 'must see' places in my opinion.