The moorings are mostly public and put down by the village in Deshais. But local boats tend to take a lot of the moorings. There are still some available every day, depending on the time of day, high or low season, or sometimes the phase of the moon (ha ha). Usually if you get there mid-late morning you have the best shot at a mooring because boats are leaving the anchorage.

Holding in the center of the bay is pretty scoured out from charter boats that have drug through there with little scope. It is best to anchor toward either side of the bay. You will swing 360 degrees and sometimes the winds can be over 30 knots in vicious gusts at any time of the day or night. That is the tricky part. Unfortunately the charter boats aren't used to swinging or putting out a lot of scope so it can become bumper boats a lot of times.

In the Saints you MUST take a mooring. You are not allowed to anchor unless the mooring field is full, then you must anchor well behind the mooring field. The mooring area and anchoring area is patrolled by the authorities who are very helpful. The mooring only restrictions were put in place about 3 years ago. The mooring field will fill up during the winter season. The anchoring area is further out and can be rolly at times. Again, if you get there when boats are leaving you have the best chance to grab a vacant mooring.