We went to Kingstown yesterday (Friday). Market day is Friday and Saturday so there was LOTS of activity. We only saw 2 other tourists during our entire visit. That is all, just two.

St. Vincent is not known for tourism, even though the countryside has enormous potential. The locals don't seem to want tourism as an economic source of revenue.

We were not treated differently than anyone else on the street and that was refreshing. We took a tour and our driver tried to stop at two well-marked tourist restaurants (Wallilabou and near Layou). Both were closed and the owners, who talked to our driver, didn't want any business (they told that to our driver). Interesting.

It is best to hire a taxi or tour guide if you want to explore the island.

The mainland of St. Vincent is NOT a sailing destination because of past and ongoing "security issues". The one bay that a sailor MIGHT visit is Chateaubelair Bay, but that is even highly sketchy. Yes, St. Vincent is very "rough around the edges" but the potential for tourism is there if the government and locals ever want tourists.

When you tire of the mainland, hop on the ferry and visit sweet Bequia. It is a one hour ferry ride away, costs 25 EC one way and it is on Bequia you will find sailors hanging out. In addition, Bequia has fantastic restaurants, beaches, bars and hiking in a safe environment.

Enjoy your trip!