I woudn't mind as long as it is a nice padded chair, rooom for the chairs and good service. Bikini when there in late Nov/Dec had the nice chairs with pads and room for the chairs but not great service and the food was average at best but they were the only game on the beach at that time. Looking forward to La Playa opening up, may try Kakao next trip or others but not likely going back to Bikini.

We very much enjoyed Friars, excellent all the way around. After spending time at Dreams we got spoiled and that may be the toughest part of returning to SXM for us, the lack of quality beach bars. It is like flying first class, once you do you realize that coach kind of sucks.


“It is what it is. But, it will be what you make it.” Coach Pat Summitt (at least that is who I heard if from)