What day is it.? I am losing count already.

Lazy day spent split between ocean and pool. Already forming a pattern..get up early because of all the short naps. Watch the dog walkers. Two dogs decided they knew me and when I got off my rear and walked onto the sand they ran up and started kissing my knees, hands. Owner, a Dutch lady immediately chastised them but I stopped her. They a sweet wire haired beige bundles of energy.

Toasted left over baguette served with strawberry jam. After we drove to Orient. Large crowd near Yellow Sub. Looked like the old days but then very few people down the beach from there.

Stopped at BZH to see a role formally of Estiminet in GC. She is well. Said she lost the “premiere stage” of her lodging but everything getting back together. After hubby said to me How can you lose first floor with out the rest? I explained what she said in French means second floor. He is still confused.

We returned later to BZH for early dinner of veal in cognac. Sauce veggies rice and flan for dessert washed down with bottled water and rose wine. Bill was $92. I love Carole however Sol eLuna is a better price. Food though was just as good.

Also on the menu veal kidney in puff pastry, shrimp in garlic sauce. Open also for lunch noon until 2 they serve pizza, crepes, galants , salads.

Earlier in afternoon we called over a woman we see daily walking beach and invited her in for tea. She told us she is on sxm for 3 months...we should be so lucky, she is from UK and told us about her terrible flight via several US stops, the last having to overnight in Philly. Adding it was worth it.

Early evening we met MEDMAN426 who posts here. Great conversation. They are staying down beach from us at Mary’s Boon.

A not wait to see what tomorrow brings.