Scubaman makes a solid point up above. When you venture out on your own the cruise lines tell you that you better be back when they set sail, though I've never seen them leave anyone behind (they typically try to track down the late arrivers and wait for them ... but don't count on that!). I would suggest checking the website for the cruise line you are taking and research their shore excursions. If they have one to Pinel Island compare the price with what I stated in my original post. Also, see if they include lunch with this. Without lunch a per person price of $40 to $50 (including beach chairs) would be fair. If lunch is provided, then maybe $60 per person would be acceptable. Sometimes my wife and I find good shore excursions that are a value or are simply too complicated to arrange on our own. But, every time I've planned a shore trip myself we have saved money, and in some cases the savings were significant. Also, keep in mind that some cruise lines are extremely well organized with their excursions (i.e., Celebrity), and some others are near total chaos. Hope this helps.