That was a rumor Carol. There was a clip on Inside Edition recently after we returned home. Hapgood's face looks like there was a violent fight. The 3 kids I guess were in the room but his wife wasn't. So many unanswered questions. People on island think he called the guy to his room. The tape on IE says it was possibly a robbery. (You can search for the link) We probably will never know what happened. All I know is we arrived shortly after it happened and residents were asking us what we thought. Yes, Pat it is very sad for everyone. Terrible situation. Travelhat autopsy was released as blunt force drama and asphyxiation and I think something else but I don't remember. Hopefully the man will return to court in August so the case can go forward. People on the island are upset that he was able to leave the island but I think he was only charged with manslaughter/not murder. Very sad.

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