I buy very little at Market Garden, as I find their prices very high for most things, including snacks and wine. Their meats do not look good to me at all. We spend a lot of money on groceries, and usually shop at Carrefour by Mark's and Super U. If you want just a few things, Market Garden is convenient. But I personally don't buy much there. The other option is the Maho Market, which is close to Beachside Villas, so we often buy an item or two there. Prices there are high also and the parking is hit and miss, but it's convenient for us if we're just making a real quick run. I hate that they closed the Gourmet Grand Marche in Simpson Bay, as that was our go-to place for a quick grocery run. We haven't been to the Jordan Village Carrefour, but will maybe check that out next time, as people here say it is very well stocked.

Carol Hill