Cat Fight was held.

We had sunny skies, excellent 12~14 kt wind for most of the race, and we were able to run both races. Race 1 to a windward mark, then around Sandy Cay, and back to GH. Race 2 to Sandy Cay, then around Great Thatch, upwind round the mark, and back to GH.

Unfortunately only 5 cats and 2 monos showed. The usual 3 cat classes were reduced to two groups.

Small cats - Ohana FP44 and Event Horizon R&C45. I believe Ohana won the class.
Large cats - 1st - Catatonic Lagoon 50, 2nd - Cuvée FP Saba 50 (49'), 3rd - Windborne Voyage 52.
Monos - 1st - Tartan 33 The Black Pig, 2nd - Hunter 30 Wicked Winch.