Just have to give a loud shout out for another excellent dinner at Coco Maya on Tuesday this week.

We have been there once before, but this time was just as idyllic. Location top notch of course, our waitress was a young lady from Estonia who spoke English with a distinctive Australian accent which was interesting to hear about - and the food - I think its the best of all the BVI places we have been to. We chose to take an alongside berth in Virgin Gorda Yacht harbor as I was looking for a place to fill up with water anyway, and the idea of an alongside berth for the night appealed to the crew. I know its not for everyone, but it worked for us. We used Sweet Ice Willys taxi service to take us to the restaurant, who is also very welcoming. I am sure there are some who prefer to taxi there from Leverick, and some hardcore types who will find their way inside the reef and anchor outside the restaurant itself - but I didnt need that hassle!

However you get there, Coco Maya is well worth the visit! I will be back again and again!