We are here - day 3 - ready to be released!!!

The first night we stayed at Benures - great spot! The big thing to note is that someone comes around selling ice there! Great spot

Yesterday - the wind was b l o w i n - we tried to get into white bay, but it looks to be seaweed mostly and little sand in areas to anchor and the wind was just a few degrees off, thus making it bumpy and really windy in there - so we pulled the plug and just came over to Great Harbour.

Oceans 7 is open and we can hear the music! I heard they deliver food until 4pm, but could not connect via phone / radio after multiple efforts.

Great Harbour - plenty of mooring balls! Protected

Debating what to do today. Channel looks great now thinking of running up to the George Dog for the day and then coming back down to Benures most likely.

gonna try calling the Bite today and maybe getting dinner delivered with mooring ball fee collection? (hey, I guy can try)

Our Parole test is scheduled for tomorrow at 830! wish us luck. Will have the motors running Tuesday AM hitting refresh on email!

Likely heading to JVD first. Saving Anegada for later in the week as the wind is supposed to lay down according to Windy!

Come on down! weather is amazing!

UPDATE: The same folks came around here in Great Harbour selling ice. I had a brief conversation with them (a man and woman, not sure if family). They were very appreciative of us coming down and said Thank You to us for visiting! It's a please to support the BVI folks!


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