Just returned from St.Thomas from Chicago over Xmas. We have owned at the Elysian for about 8 years. We arrived Dec. 22 and had only one day of rain! Was told they have had about 2 weeks of rain previous.(very unusual) Luggage was lost for one day but had swim suits packed in our carry on. Luggage did come the next day. Would not have know unless we had gone to the airport to check it out. Went on two boat rides. One day went sailing around St. Thomas and another day we charted a speed boat.The captain takes where You wish to go on the charted speed boat. Went to the baths, Tortola and Willy T's! The food was great as usual. Xmas Day we ate at Agave Terrrace.(Made reservations) Ususlly stay around Red Hook area to eat. Duffys, Molly Malones,Blue Moon, Lattitude 18, etc. Did not buy much jewlery this time. We go to St. Maarten in Feb& March I like the jewlers there! My husband and son(l6) could not believe I did not buy! Security coming home at the airport took longer. We did have to take our shoes off for them to scan and also they inspected the inside with gloves on! Randomly checked carry ons! Be sure to give enough time for check in. This was Xmas week! The car Rental gave us a 2002 car to drive! We have used him before.(Easy car rental by Redhook).Until next Xmas!!!! [Linked Image][Linked Image]Sully<br><br><P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by Administrator on 1/4/02 12:51 PM.</EM></FONT></P>