Oct 31st board AA flight to SJU (met up with Nycole and her bunnies from NYC) then to EIS. Arrive on time, get to Moorings base at 3:15pm. Check in and on the boat by 4:pm.
No chart brief due to 2nd charter (used the line “did the ilons move”).

We were able to leave the base by 4:30pm but since one of the couples already made plans to visit a friend in CGB we stayed put (so much for foxys cat fight party). Had a few boat drinks, put up the strobe and halloween lights doned our costumes and headed to the Last Resort Thriller Party! This was a good time. In fact so good i don’t remember much.

Nov 1st, cruise over to great harbor Norman Island for a quick check of all systems. All good! head over the Soggy Dollar for a few pain killers and meet up with some friends. Saw blue moon, did not find Jim? Then back over to norman island for dinner and live band at Pirates.

Nov 2nd, snorkel the caves at Norman, have lunch on board. Head up to Trellis bay for full moon party. stock up on provisions more boat drinks then to the party. ran into Chris from TTOL. Had fun with the Jumbies and fireballs.

Nov 3rd over to the baths for snorkeling and a swim. up to the top for a nice lunch and a swim in the pool with some drinks. Gave Nick a call to reserve a slip upon confirmation of secret hand shake. Took the short cut Anguila point! Had fun with the first timers, had them on the bow looking for big pointy coral heads! Arrive to the slip, the dock hands were very courteous and helpful. took a look around, sat at Jumbies with Ali G at the bar. Went for a swim or 2 in the pool. Later that night had a few pizza’s from one of the clif side tables! Moon was still bright, what a view! Notice the ghost image of the Leverick Bay Resturant sign in the photos!

Nov 4th, round Saba Rock, again had fun with the 1st timers on the bow! Anchored just off of Prickly Pear Beach. had the place to ourselves. Seemed to be a lot of trash washed up on the beach. I dont recall that much trash on the last visit. Waved to Sir Richard across the bay! Now were off to CGB stopped by Marina Key for a few drinks. Arrived at CGB, down poured like mad! Took advantage of a quick rain fall shower, awesome! Took a quick recon mission as this was my first time to CGB. last year swell was bad. Quitos still closed at the time. Had a happy arrr cocktail at big banana. Made dinner res at Myetts for 7pm. Provisions again at Bobbys.

Nov 5th quick walk on the beach before heading to Sand Spit. Arrive at Diamond bay grab a ball, snorkel a little and play with some sharks that had solar panels on their heads? Take a dink ride over to the spit and snorkel some more. found the running gear of a boat sunk on the north side of sandy spit. anyone looking for a complete set up its down there!! Spend most of the day at the spit. again a place i did not get to last year. Off to great harbor for some drinks and a snack at Foxy’s. Wow, mooring balls at Great Harbor! had a few bush whackers, fries and fritters lounged around took a walk. Found a good outboard motor lying on the beach (photo). Saddled up and off to Sopers Hole. Arrive Sopers, grab a ball. take the ladies in for shopping and dinner at Pussers. Back to the boat for more boat drinks.

Nov 6th Hang around Sopers til about 2pm. more shopping, took a tour of the Voyage 500! Man what a vessel! Anyone interested in a trip next year on that puppy give me a pm! Checked out the boat yard and repairs being done. Ok its Friday so off to the Bight. Catch the late afternoon sun and a few more drinks, take a swim etc.. Back to the boat for dinner. Then time for the Willy T! Wow, seen all the photos on the album on the bar, seen them on the websites, however never seen the action in person! Sorry could not post any of the photos! A tall blonde german gal decided to get a tat, then another then another. the last one was very low on her abdomen, i mean low... The bartender bartered with me for the photo.. hows free bar tab sound! Then all hell broke loose, tats everywhere! As for jumping, they put up a lot of metal around the back of the boat so its almost impossible to jump from any of the older good spots. Time for bed.

Nov 7th Back to the Moorings base and enjoy those fancy new showers, hang at the pool for the afternoon til the cab arrives for the airport.

The end

Photos click on 2009 pics

PS. next year i think we need to find a cabin available for the Cat Fight!
PSS this was a 474PC and we used 118 gallons @ $3.55 per gallon. averaged 9 to 10 knts. on the pins she would do 14knts.

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