We figured Lilly didn't need another Summer of hanging out at beach bars ao we have been in Arlington VA for 3 weeks, off to West Palm on Sunday. Wow is there a lot of stuff to do here. Here are some items to line up if you are going:

The hop on hop of buses are OK, but we just used the Circulter bus, much cheaper and quicker to get around. Get a metro card to ride, hop on and off within 2 hours and free.

Lyft and Uber are cheaper and faster than metro, there were 3 of us.

Traffic in the AM and PM sucks, we started using Waize app instead of Google Maps and that really helped here with traffic routing.

Contact your senator as far in advance and ask them to arrange tours, had some special tours. Treasury (only Saturday), Senate Subway, Library of Congress. We didn't think far enough in advance for White House.

We hit all the Smithsonians, some for a fast turbo tour.

The Spy Museum (discounts online) was something Lilly wanted to do, but I think it was more fun for the adults. Great James Bond section.

Newseum was good if you like news, again ask for discounts.

Mount Vernon was a great trip.

We did Jamestown and Williamsburg, Williamsburg was more interesting, discounts apply there also got it down from $100 to $60

Did both Air and Space the one at Dulles is much more interesting, $15 parking fee

National Zoo, was a bit overrated in our opinion. But we have seen so many animals in the wild, we are jaded.

Lilly did the cupcake tour today in Georgetown, that was a nice walk about.

Steak night at Murphy's pub in Alexandria was also a good time.

Off to see the Cash Cab guy tonight...