Contessa, you mentioned this on the board several weeks ago, so I’ll give you full credit for a “discovery”! Sorry, though, we beat ya to it!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am referring to a restaurant/bar/nightclub, which is truly “local” called the Countryside Bar & Grill. This is a business owned by the family of Marius Andrew ( St. Louis Car Rental) which is located in the St. Louis section of the island, between Marigot and Grand Case.<br>Last Wednesday night 10 of us from the Ocean Club were escorted by Marius (in a caravan of cars as we were all going in different directions after dinner) to the Countryside in St. Louis.I had never actually turned off the main road into the St. Louis section before, but do yourselves a favor and take a few minutes to do it. It’s a very hilly area and the views are spectacular!!!! I asked Marius if he does a lot of sled riding on the road when it snows!!?? Once there, we were escorted to the dining area by Marius who then introduced all of us to about 12 of his uncles, 4 or 5 aunts, numerous cousins, and a dog whose first name I didn’t get but I’m sure he was part of the Andrew clan. Aside from the food, this was the very BEST part of the evening. These folks welcomed us as though we were family........extremely gracious and warm. And if anyone knows Marius’ parents like we do, this came as no surprise. <br>After a real fun time of drinks and company we got to order dinner which is all grilled and prepared based on the local ways.............what a treat it was! Here is the best I can do from memory: Main courses were a choice of: Ribs, Chicken, Grilled Fish (Mahi Mahi that night), Pork Chops, Conch, and I can’t remember what else. Then, the plate was loaded with beans and rice, green salad, plantain, mac & cheese, and johnny cakes. I had a coconut tart for dessert (way beyond excellent) and I can’t remember the other choices!<br>I can’t even begin to say how good the food was and I think the most expensive thing on the menu was in the $12 or $13 range!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And we were in our own indoor/outdoor room with a bar right there.<br>This evening was one of the most enjoyable times we have ever had on SXM. The location, the food, the company.............but most of all, Marius and his gracious family, (including the GORGEOUS Arleen, unofficial family) who honestly made us feel like we all belonged there and joined right in with our joking and laughing.<br>Thanks to the Andrew family who created a “memory” for us!!!<br>With respects, BobD[Linked Image]