While I dislike posting negative comments, I will make an exception regarding this company, which is located right across the road from the Indian River tour begin in Portsmouth, Dominica.
I used my CC card to pay for the 2 day rental and within a day my CC was being used to pay $3K hotel bills in China and for Travelodge payments in the USA. I hadn't used this card for over a month so there's no doubt as to where my number/CVCC code had come from. While the fraudulent activities are reimbursed by the credit card company, changing the numerous direct payments associated with that card is going to cause a lot of work.

Oh, and while I didn't get too excited about it at the time, when I went to return the car to the agency from it's parking space at the cruiser's docks the car was missing and I assumed that it had been stolen by kids for joy-riding as criminality is pretty low. I went to the agency first before filing the police report and was surprised to see the car being washed. The manager had seen it and decided he didn't like where it had been parked and had picked it up. It would have been nice if they'd told me beforehand.

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