Trip report 2: Sunsail Flotilla
Sunday May 7, 2017 After a nice breakfast aboard, we departed VGYH. We sailed on a broad reach towards Great Dog. The wind was from the east around 12-15 knots, which made for a nice morning sail. Arriving on the west side of Great Dog, there was only one other boat in the mooring field. We picked up a ball close in which made the swim to the reef easy. After a nice snorkel and lunch, we set sail for the North Sound, making our way eventually to Saba Rock. Once there, Kraig come along side in his dingy smiling and welcomed us to Saba Rock. He then directed us to a nice ball right at the front of the field. He was very helpful while mooring, as he even handed Kim the pendant. We swam and then relaxed aboard for a while , then got ready to dingy over to Saba for our evening briefing and dinner. We got ashore in time to see the nightly fish feeding, which was interesting, but I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to see again. Don briefed us on our course and plan for the next day sail to Anegada. This was the only day the flotilla would sail as a group. Even though Saba was busy,Kim and I got a nice table with a great view for dinner. Kim had the lobster tacos. They were loaded with lobster and delicious. I had a cheeseburger in paradise. What could be better? The painkillers and bushwackers weren’t bad either.
Monday May 8, 2017 We had a very restful night in the Sound. The plan was to exit the mooring field, raise our mainsail, then head out of the sound at 9:30am. Everyone did so in a timely fashion we were off to Anegada. The winds were again from the east at 12-15 knots, which once again put us on a nice broad reach. This was such a nice relaxing sail, my favorite of the entire trip. As we approached the entrance and lowered the sails, the wind was picking up a little. We stayed well to port of the lead boat while doing this and then thru the first channel markers, disregarded the second red maker, by the third red marker and the hard to port passing the last green. Arriving around noon the mooring field was already close to being filled, but we found one, and once again Kraig was there to assist Kim with the pendant. After a nice lunch aboard, we took the dingy over to Potters. We got a taxi to Loblolly Bay for around $25-30 round trip for just the two of us. Loblolly was better than expected. The sun was shining bright which made the snorkeling spectacular. So many fish and coral. What a treat! After our swim and getting all the sun we could stand, we then went to Big Bamboo, where we had Bushwackers and listened to some nice music while waiting for our ride back to Potters. Don and Kraig had already made us reservations and took our order for the grilled lobster dinner at Potter’s by the Sea at 7pm. The dinner was outstanding, the best lobster Kim or I had ever had! So much lobster, we each had half a lobster tail left over, which Kim made into a delicious lobster salad for lunch the following day. Anegada is a place we definitely want to return to one day!