So this was Tuesday! Wasn't it?

We had no specific plans for the day beyond breakfast, and that was pretty easy to deal with - coffee and on our back porch. Freshly brewed coffee and warm pastries against a backdrop of sand, sea and clouds and accompanied by a chorus of waves breaking on the beach. A gourmet meal in a fine French restaurant wouldn't have been any more enjoyable.

And things just seem to happen - a brief phone call later and we're meeting Sharon Harris to spend a day at ElZafiro Beach. Lunch was okay - burgers for the ladies and pulled pork sandwich for John. I have to say, this is the first time I was under-whelmed by the food there but we felt $17.00 for a bacon cheeseburger was a bit much and Sharon's plate of onion rings (all six of them and yes, I actually counted) at $7.00 was over the top. John's sandwich was delicious so I think in the future I'll just stick to salad plates which have all been excellent each time we've been there and had them.

Headed home - a couple hundred feet down the beach - and took a quick dip in the pool at BSV to cool off after the long walk home. Cocktail time and before you know it, it's time to shower and dress for dinner.

Had dinner with Barbara Cannegieter and Lynn and Bob Cass at Le Moulin Fou. The food was delicious and the company was excellent. I can't begin to tell you just how much we enjoyed the evening, and the whole day for that matter. I'd share the dinner details but we ate and drank like little piglets - a couple bottles of wine, escargot around the table and a baked Camembert to share, a rack of lamb, another lamb dish in filo dough with goat cheese, a couple of boef bourginon (sp?) plates and a tacky something plate and yes, I do know it's another misspelled word. Add a few aperitifs and some of their flavored rum (with the bottle left on the table....) and what do you get? One table full of very happy and borderline silly diners - and we were!!

But it has to be said - the food was excellent and the service was, too and when you add that to the ease and enjoyment of good friends, there's just no room for complaints from this group, for sure.

And then comes the moment of realization - It really sucks when reality sets in and you realize you're down to your last couple of days, or it does for me anyhow. Friday soon come and as much as I'd love to stay longer, this is one trip I'm anxious to get home from. <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" />



"Always keep your words soft and sweet, just in case you have to eat