We have really gone wacky for Lobster this trip (Hubby is a huge fan). We've tried it at a number of island restaurants over the years but this week we loved it so much at Pineapple Pete we went back again. The first time was Lobster Thermidor with a lovely Lobster Bisque to start. Then hubby had it grilled with garlic butter the second time and I have to say, it was marvelous. Being spoiled with Lobster from the East Coast which is so tender and tasty we've shied away from grilling lobster in St. Maarten because every time we had it around the island it's been dry and rubbery. Not at Pineapple Pete last night...it was moist, tender and so delicious. Pierre's restaurant is so well know for its Thermidor, It's nice to know his chefs can also cook a huge winner without the tasty sauce.

If you're lobster fans - we give the Head Pineapple two thumbs up!
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