Saturday JB from Boston bumpiest ride we've ever had. AND not or movies! Arrived 2:50 10 mins. late to find American, UsAir and another plane had just landed. Immigration busy. Leslie waiting for us. What a sweetheart he is, always pleasant & smiling. Off to a week at Divi. Got to check in at 2:40 and onto the beach.

Later we headed to Grand Marche and dinner at Mark's. After waiting 17 mins. for a parking spot, we decide to go to Chesterfie;d's for early dinner: 1 steak, 1 chicken delicious! 1 Presidente, 1 rum coke $56. apron. Then to Sunny Foods for some basics: Rum, Ting, one bottle whit wine, fresh broccoli, scallions, lettuce, tomatoes, corn flakes, milk, bananas, guadeloupe melon, butter, 2 croissants 1 bread pudding, Prego sauce, pasta, genoa salami, gouda cheese, 1 lime, box wheat thins crackers, Italian salad dressing and hillman's mayo for a reasonable $56.07

Sunday up at 6am. Croissants & coffee on lanai and watched 2 ship arrive. Then off to Orient. Left sun at Divi to rain at Orient. LaPlaya for 2 Bloody Marys then decided to not stay for lunch. Too much wind. They closed all except the inside area. On to Anse Marcel and sun. Ate at La Calypso: 2 grouper with rice, salad carrots, 2 glassesRose wine, 1 cheese cake, 1 periferolies 2 demi-tas coffees $78.

On way back from Anse Marcel picked up Pauline who works at Yellow Sub and gave her a ride to work. Since we were there decided to get a baguette, whole looked chicken and 2 raisin rolls. $19.

On way back to condo realized we'd forgotten water so stopped at Fresh Market. Got some Etna Rhum Raisin ice cream. Thought we'd not find any since Etna had been closed then making basics when re opened---guess Rhum Raisin's a basic!

Tonight if we find ourselves hungry there's chicken, baguette, ice cream!

Monday---no plans yet!