Made this last week for my parents, who are both recently home from the hospital...
It was a HUGE success! They both loved it! (so did I)...
Guess I should really call it a BLB? (Bacon/lettuce/bruschetta)

[color:"blue"]Best BLT Ever[/color]

Dill Chibatta Rolls, lightly toasted
Whipped Cream Cheese
Thick Sliced Bacon, cooked crispy
Iceberg Lettuce
Bruschetta mix
(I used one made in the local IGA's Deli...
lots of plum tomato, onion, basil, chopped black olives, etc, with EVOO & balsamic vinegar)...

Lightly toast split Chibatta Rolls.
spread a light "schmear" of whipped cream cheese on each half.
spread some bruschetta on bottom slice of bread. (much or little as you want).
add 2-3 slices of bacon.
top off with shredded iceberg lettuce.

YUMMMMMM!!! a taste bud orgasm! The cream cheese really makes it come together!

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