The Rooftop Resort bills itself as both "the only completely clothing optional lifestyle hotel in South Florida" and "South Florida's premier lifestyle resort". They have also, from time to time, described themselves as "nudist" as well. I'm writing a trip report of this location not as a lifestyle hotel, but as place to hang out nude, which it also is.

They're located a block from the beach in Hollywood, FL, which is about halfway between Ft. Lauderdale and Miami Beach. They're a block north of the "center" of the "Broadwalk" area, Johnson Street.

The hotel has six floors. The ground foor is the lobby and parking. The second floor has an atrium lounge and "playrooms", one of which contains a sauna. Floors 3-6 are hotel rooms, but the top floor only has them on one side (because of the pool). The hotel gets its name from the roof, which has a pool (with a deep section), a large number of lounge chairs, and a small bar.

The pool is heated, usually to the 85-90 range, but I've been in it when it's as warm as a hot tub. There used to be a bunch of "noodles" around, but I haven't seen many recently. Most of the chairs are of the "pad on hard plastic" variety, but some of the new ones are fabric chairs that I don't like since they tend to close when you sit down on them. There used to be umbrellas, but the strong wind near the beach would cause them to be blown over the roof's railing, causing a serious hazard below. They've been removed and there are now some permanent shaded areas. There's also an area for massage, two restrooms, and a shower.

In addition to the railing around the roof, there's a wall about 3 feet high. It tends to block the wind, so it can be comfortable sitting there in the sun even on cool days.

I have a condo three miles away, so I've never stayed in any of the rooms. However, A few years ago, a friend of mine was staying overnight before one of the nude cruises (this is a common place to do that), so I saw one room. I don't remember it very well, but it struck me as a typical hotel room. There's a large window in the room with drapes that can be opened to view the bed All the rooms are visible from the roof.

Day guests are only allowed to park in their lot from Monday to Thursday and must park elsewhere on other days. Street parking is hard to find there in season, but there's a very large municipal garage a block south and a smaller private parking lot a block north, so parking is only an issue when there's some major event on the beach.

Dress code is clothing optional everywhere in the hotel, except the lobby. In the times I've been on the rooftop, I'd say that 80% of the men and 50% of the women are nude. Gender-balancing is done by charging more for a single man, but there still around 60-70% men most times. I don't go there often on weekends, but most weekdays the rooftop is pretty empty, with maybe a dozen people.

Until fairly recently, they had a rule prohibiting sexual activity on the rooftop and it was enforced until about a year ago. It's no longer listed as a rule and some sexual activity is seen there regularly, though there are some days when it seems there are more nudists there than swingers.

They have dances, but the times I've been there the music has been very limited and there's not much, if any, dancing: it's more of a "meet and greet" event.

If you're in the area of Haulover and it's one of those days where it's too windy to comfortably be out on the and you don't mind seeing nearby sexual activity, the Rooftop Resort is certainly a possibility. It's also the closest clothing-optional hotel to Haulover, but if all you're using it for is a hotel, you don't gain much by it being clothing-optional (e.g., there's no restaurant). Unlike a property in the southwest that's been talked about here from time to time, the Rooftop Resort is completely honest as to what they are and I support that honesty.