Day 7: Got the herd rounded up early enough to prepare for departure from Leverick Bay, the Bloody Mary’s helped. Settled up with David, and said our goodbyes, a big hug from Nick to the whole crew and we were off!
A nice downwind sail from North Sound to Jost Van Dyke via Kingfish Banks to try and catch some dinner. Roxo took the first turn on the helm and sailed Galeaux beautifully wing on wing with the headsail barber hauled to the midship cleat with a dock line to the winch, we never gybed the main once and we were making 5-7.5 knots, perfect trolling speed.
The only fish interested was a baby Bonita (Marlin Muffin) that Roxo reeled in and released.
We anchored in tight with other boats in White Bay and once satisfied with our set swam in to Soggy Dollar Bar, we met up with Amy Murphy, Linda Kay and a few from their crew, Paul and Carolyn from Cattitude and made an afternoon of chillin with cold ones. We ended up making reservation for dinner at Soggy while talking with owner Jerry fo only the more “adult” part of our crew, we sent the Flyboys and girls off to Great Harbor with Bunn where talked Vinney into making them dinner.
Even with our “adult” conversation at dinner a young couple that were aboard a huge crewed cat came over and ripped us a new one for our conversation, I did not know the word penetration was foul language!
Bean at Soggy:

Paul and Carolyn invited us over to Catitude for Bushwhackers and a visit with LuSea, a great time was had indeed!
White Bay was perfect as an overnight anchorage, only a few boats stayed and it was like a lake.

Day 8: Anchor up and off to West End to get Dionne and Caroline to the ferry, ends up Bean was still green and really needed to get off the boat, the voyage Staff was kind enough to arrange a room for them at Nanny Cay. We all had breakfast at Jolly Roger accompanied with Bloody Mary’s then saw Dionne and Caroline off to the ferry. We took daysail cat Mystique’s t Dock to drop off Bean and Cesar and water up until the water was turned off, almost filled the forward tank.

Off to The Bight! Roxo did a great job sailing to weather in light and shifty winds while I did the crew work on the tacks, just 4 of us aboard now, kinda peaceful and relaxing!
We pulled into The Bight and planned on anchoring in-close by Pirates but were advised by Paul on Catitude that the placed moorings there, we anchored in close to shore by Willy t with a stern anchor on shore next to Catitude, Roxo and t bird kayaked in to pirates and Lynn and I chilled aboard a while then took the dink in for some cold ones and Jerk chicken wings.
Willy T time! I dinked over to check it out while everyone was getting ready, there were some jumpers and various forms of adult entertainment going on, back to Galeaux to collect the crew!
Being a Sunday the Willy T was in rare form, we took a break from the madness and had dinner, it was quite good as always, the fresh wahoo was my favorite.
There was an older guy at the bar that just could not take his eyes off The Admiral, stares turned leers and he appeared to be drooling, we egged him on with passionate embraces, both Paul and I, she was lookin’ hawt in her red dress and all, we finally talked with him, a 71 year German that just could not get over her “eyes”!
Nice guy, explained that we have been together for 30 years and by the way, how RICH are you??? 
T bird got a tattoo and I can only show these photos:
Day 9: Motor sailed in shifty and non existint wind up The Drake, thinking Monkey Point, after going through the Camanoe passage I saw that Lee Bay had room for us, one private Voyage cat and a sport fisher, the prime spot in the middle of the saddle with sand bottom was open!
We pulled in and anchored up, time to chill after Willy T!!! Nice, calm day and beautiful surroundings, we saw a small, low freeboard whaler type skiff come in with 4 locals aboard, the came up to the cliffs then BAM, BAM, Bam, Bam! 4 shotgun shots scared the crap outa us! One got off and scaled the cliff but came back empty handed, maybe after a goat? I was about to call the police but that would be a waste of air time, prolly one of them aboard the whaler or a brother….
The Sport-fisher multiplied, the PR Navy came in like an Armada, fun to watch them back in next to each other with Military precision. The PR Navy folks were very peaceful and quiet.
A beautiful sunset with BBQ chicken and an early evening…that until we became back winded and heading toward the Armada and shore, Roxo assisted and we put the stern anchor out, this will be standard procedure for Lee bay for us from here out.
Ran the genset and AC and slept very soundly from there…

Day 9: Up and refreshed, coffee followed by Bloody Mary’s and breakfast, anchors up and off to Jost Van Dyke via Kingfish banks, again motor sailing in light, variable winds.
Came up empty handed at Kingfish again, even with 3 passes and 3 hot lures out!
We had thought of hitting Sidneys for drinks then Harris Place for dinner but noticed the north Swell caught our attention while motoring, Diamond Cay, Bubbly Pool and Foxy’s Taboo it is!
Roxo and T took off on the kayak while Lynn and I relaxed aboard in the cool spot anchored on the close to the point of Jost just out of the mooring field, tons of turtles around the boat!
Lynn and I dinked into taboo for cold ones then hiked to Bubbly Pool.
The baked brie appetizer at Taboo was awesome, Lynn and I went back to chill aboard Galeaux while Roxo and T Bird stayed at the bar.
Dinner at Taboo was excellent despite Roxo being waaay over-served on dark and stormy’s by the bartender, the Steak kabob was excellent and a bargain for $20, Lynn had the shrimp kabob which she also enjoyed…

A short part III to follow…