Well, today started out like most days Coffee and Croissants, Orange Fever on Orient Beach, Lunch at Andy and Cheryl's, I had Margarita Shrimp over salad, Donna had the Pasta Fagoile (sp??). Rain started coming down around 3pm heavy, so back to O Paradis.
For Dinner we intended to re-visit Piazza Pascal, not realizing they were closed tonight. So instead we headed over to SPICY, both because it is very good, and because it's Air Conditioned, and it's incredibly humid here tonight.
Dinner for me started with Carpacio which was topped with a mixed green salad and some foi gras...mmmm
I then had linguine with seafood in a cream sauce also very good. Donna had a hot brie appetizer
Dessert was a coffee and vanilla ice cream sundae with espresso whipped cream.

BTW, Sophie looks marvelous.

Back on the balcony here at O Paradis.. it's a sauna.

Tomorrow's flight to EWR is at 1pm... sigh

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